Dr. Satyavan Saurabh, In the Corona period, people have been seen  doctors as God in the whole world, and even then why not? God is the one who gives life to others selflessly by putting his life at stake. There are only one million registered doctors in the country for 1.3 billion people. If we take this calculation, only 1 doctor is available in India for every 13000 citizens. While the World Health Organization considers the 1: 1000 ratio to be just and necessary in this context, it is mandatory to have 1 doctor for every 1000 citizens in our country. But to do this India would have to multiply the number of existing doctors presently.

While 58 percent of qualified doctors are in urban areas, in rural areas this figure is less than 19 percent. In the absence of qualified doctors, the number of hazing doctors in the country is increasing day by day. Due to these junk doctors, the lives of patients are in a state of affairs. In this case, the Health Department is sitting blind. Due to the department's neglect, the fake doctors are clogging the silver. This situation is worse in villages. In every village of India, many hawkish doctors are looting patients. This studio has become so healed that people are entering this business indiscriminately. In the villages, such types of hazing doctors are fooling people by running clinics.

The culture of these satchel doctors (doctors who are neither registered nor have proper degrees) is quite dangerous for our health system. The World Health Organization has reported in its report that 57.3% of doctors in India are actually without medical degrees. And, it is not surprising that most of them are found in rural areas of the country.

Indian Medical Council Act 1956, Delhi Medical Council Act 1997, Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and Drugs and Cosmetics Rules 1945 states that only a registered doctor can prescribe allopathic medicine. "For the Indian system of medicine, the Central Council of Indian Medicine Act, 1970 states that no person, other than a practitioner of Indian system of medicine, possesses a recognized medical qualification and is enrolled in a State Register or Central Register of Indian Medicine, Indian Will prescribe medicine for patients and medical in any state.

Apart from this, if any other person is found doing it, then the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 mentions imprisonment which can be up to one year or fine which can be up to Rs 1,000 or both, Delhi Medical Council Clause (27) under the Act, 1997 mentions 'harsh punishment'. It can carry imprisonment up to three years or a fine of up to Rs 20,000 or both. The Indian Penal Code also deals with these cases under sections 429 (impersonation), 420 (cheating) and 120 B (criminal conspiracy).

But despite this, why is this happening in the country? The reason for this business flourishing is the lack of government health services. Also, the government medical officers who come from big houses and especially do not like to see patients in villages, due to which their focus is more on their private hospitals, due to lack of doctors in the health centers set up by the government. Patients have to go to the shelter of these freckled doctors.

These hawkish doctors are playing with patients' lives by treating them with fake medicines. It has also been seen that many hawkish doctors are also associated with the drug trade. In such a situation, these clinics running in the villages are engaged in producing addicts. But despite the knowledge of the administration throughout the country, no action is taken to tighten them.

These fake doctors are playing with the lives of patients. Unregistered doctors are running clinics across the country. Not only this, but the names of clinics are also on the lines of clinics in big cities, due to which people are easily affected. The patients treat them as a good doctor, but they do not know that they are being treated as God.

This business is very beneficial for fake doctors. To entice the patients, they conduct tests on the lines of big doctors and treat the patient based on the investigation, so that the patient feels that the doctors are right and they are being treated properly. One or two fake clinics are running in almost every village in the country.

Fake doctors have also colluded with private hospitals to make this business more profitable. When the condition of the patient becomes more serious, they send him to where he benefits as a commission. The business of fake doctors is flourishing in rural areas. The fake doctors have branches at the village level and run clinics on the lines of big doctors without resources. The fake doctors prescribe the same medicine in which they get a commission. Such cases are often seen that the treatment of fake doctors hurts the life of the patient.

Our education system is equally guilty of promoting such businesses. Every year there are many fake institutes in the country that give innumerable fake medical degrees. Politicians have vested interests with such private educational institutions that are promoting them all.

The government should curb such institutions. The Union Health Ministries should work with the district administration across the country to crack down on these slouch doctors and people should also be aware in this direction that they should not go to these slabs and go to the government health center of their village.

Rural panchayats should make efforts in this direction that there is no shortage of staff and the necessary medical care equipment at the health center in their village. If this is the case, they should demand from the government and get them done first. Restrictions should be imposed at night on the government hospitals where there is a duty. In rural areas at least ten years, the rule of service should be applied to every medical worker and if there is a legal restriction on their private practice, then these hawks will automatically end.

आज का दिन : ज्योतिष की नज़र में

जानिए कैसा रहेगा आपका भविष्य

खबर : चर्चा में

1. माना की पीएम मोदी बहादुर हैं, पर प्रेस से क्यों दूर हैं?

2. कैशलेस पर भरोसा नहीं? लोगों के हाथ में रिकॉर्ड स्तर पर पहुंचा कैश

3. अमरनाथ यात्रा के लिए जम्मू-कश्मीर सरकार ने मांगे 22 हजार अतिरिक्त जवान

4. कीनिया को रौंदकर भारत ने हीरो इंटर कांटिनेंटल फुटबॉल कप जीता

5. SCO समिट- भारत समेत कई देशों के बीच महत्वपूर्ण एग्रीमेंट, PM मोदी ने दिया सुरक्षा मंत्र

6. ट्रंप से मुलाकात के लिए उत्तर कोरिया से चाइना होते हुए सिंगापुर पहुंचे किम जोंग

7. उच्च शिक्षा की गुणवत्ता को बेहतर बनाने यूजीसी बड़े बदलाव की तैयारी में

8. सुपर 30 का दबदबा कायम आईआईटी प्रवेश परीक्षा में 26 छात्र सफल

9. रेलवे बोर्ड चेयरमैन अश्विनी लोहानी, भोपाल से लोकसभा का चुनाव लड़ेंगे.?

10. क्या आप भी पूजा-पाठ करने के लिए स्टील के लोटे का करते हैं इस्तेमाल?पहले जान लें ये बात

11. काम में मन नहीं लगता तो यह करें उपाय


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